EFT (Tapping)

EFT is a simple, self-applied meridian-based modality that can be done anywhere, anytime once you learn the foundations. It combines embodied traditional healing wisdom with the best of modern neuropsychology.

Livi facilitates EFT workshops in Oakland and is available for private sessions in person and over video chat.

BodySongs & BodyChorus

BodySongs & BodyChorus are original transformational embodiment practices. Grounded in Authentic Movement™ and inspired by Body Tales™ BodySongs uses the energy and willingness of a group of movement explorers to allow each participant to embark on a unique individualized journey of ultimate embodied self expression. Livi facilitates BodySongs and BodyChorus workshops. 


Reiki is a energy-work modality in which "Universal Life Force Energy" is directed into the client's body to facilitate health and well-being on all levels. Livi teaches and passes attunements for all levels Reiki and is available for one-on-one Crystal Reiki sessions.


How to stay connected


Let's be friends. Really. And I don't mean on Facebook. I mean IRL. Come to one of the workshops I'm faciliating or a special event I'm collaborating on. Or find me on the dance floor and come say hello when I'm taking a hydration break. We'll smile into each other eyes, and give each other a big hug if it feels good for both of us in the moment. I'll give you my phone number and then you can text me when you're feeling like you need some support.

(Side note: I think that's the another reason I gave up psychotherapy. I want more integration in my life. Not compartmentalization. I understand the value of a compltely neutral therapist, and what I love about the modalities that I offer now is that there are no hard and fast dual-relationship conflicts.)


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