EFT (Tapping)

EFT is a simple, self-applied meridian-based modality that can be done anywhere, anytime once you learn the foundations. It combines embodied traditional healing wisdom with the best of modern neuropsychology.

Livi facilitates EFT workshops in Oakland and is available for private sessions in person and over video chat.

BodySongs & BodyChorus

BodySongs & BodyChorus are original transformational embodiment practices. Grounded in Authentic Movement™ and inspired by Body Tales™ BodySongs uses the energy and willingness of a group of movement explorers to allow each participant to embark on a unique individualized journey of ultimate embodied self expression. Livi facilitates BodySongs and BodyChorus workshops. 


Reiki is a energy-work modality in which "Universal Life Force Energy" is directed into the client's body to facilitate health and well-being on all levels. Livi teaches and passes attunements for all levels Reiki and is available for one-on-one Crystal Reiki sessions.


Compassionate Listening and EFT (Tapping) Sessions

Start where you are...

Reclaim your inner peace, radical acceptance, gentle forgiveness, cellular repair turning neuroplasticity, cultivating resilience, shifting paradigms, transmuting intergenerational patterns. Resetting outdated beliefs, befriending shadow, harvesting the gems from the deep dark caverns. Embodied awareness, heart centered perspective, empowering capacity to make conscious choices. To be at choice and to respond from a centered grounded state of being, weeding out negative self-talk and planting the seeds of affirmation. Loving affirmation, giving yourself the kindest sweetest attention and appreciation and empathy. Reorganizing field, restructuring form.


One of the reasons I became a psychotherapist is because all of my life I have been that person who folks come to when they want to share their deepest most precious thoughts and feelings. As a therapist I ~loved~ listening to my clients' stories. For many folks, just the phenomena of being received by a compassionate, empathetic listener does wonders for their mood. There's something transformative in the witnessing itself.

But as a therapist, and a human creature on this planet, I wanted *more* for my fellow humans than the comfort of being witnessed. I want to help those who are ready to get unstuck out of patterns that no longer serve them. I want to witness more than their struggles. I want to witness folks not only recognize their patterns, but gain a greater repretoir of responses so that next time their pattern comes up, they can make a new choice.

Its kind of ironic that wasn't until I gave up my career as a licensed psychotherapist that I discovered a flavor of EFT that really resonated with me, in which I could pour significant time and resources in learning for myself and to facilitate for others.


Compassionate listening and tapping sessions are great for:

Physical pain, phobias, stuck emotional patterns, navigating difficult relationship dynamics, effects of experiencing or witnessing trauma, mood and anxiety challenges, unhealthy habits...

I am comfortable working with individuals and couples / triads / pods (romantic or otherwise like housemates, bands, co-workers, etc)


Crystal Reiki Sessions

Crystal Reiki sessions combines the hands-on energy work modality of Reiki (in which "Universal Life Force Energy" is directed into the client's body to facilitate health and well being on all levels) with the physical and energetic amplifying and attuning properties of mineral formations (commonly called as crystals and gemstones). They are more passive than EFT sessions, though it is possible for me to "listen in" to the energy transmissions and provide you with real-time feedback that can make the session more active/interactive. Each session begins with an intention - from relaxation to clarification to invigoration, the options are limitless.

You get to meet my community of hundres of mineral friends, and select those that call to you to become your allies for the session. As you sit or lay down, these are placed on and around your body. Then I gently places her hands on the you in a series of positions. Because the length of time needed for the energy to completely cycle in varies for each position on each client, sessions are blocked out for an hour though they rarely last longer than 45 minutes.

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